Lush Garden – Dyed4you Art

Lush Garden represents your life and walk. The dry, parched ground having been well watered creating abundant life all around you. So see and acknowledge that fruit, that life that has bloomed forth. Resist the urge to singularly focus on the areas still in seed or bud or that need pruning, for there is much to celebrate and the rest will come in due season.

  • Genesis 1:28 (ESV) And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
  • Matthew 13:8 (VOICE) And so finally the sower scattered his seeds in a patch of good earth. At home in the good earth, the seeds grew and grew. Eventually the seeds bore fruit, and the fruit grew ripe and was harvested. The harvest was immense —30, 60, 100 times what was sown.
  • 2 Peter 5-8 (TPT) So devote yourselves to lavishly supplementing your faith with goodness, and to goodness add understanding, and to understanding add the strength of self-control, and to self-control add patient endurance, and to patient endurance add godliness, and to godliness add mercy toward your brothers and sisters, and to mercy toward others add unending love. Since these virtues are already planted deep within, and you possess them in abundant supply, they will keep you from being inactive or fruitless in your pursuit of knowing Jesus Christ more intimately.
  • Song of Songs 2:13 (TPT) Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers, “There is change in the air.” Arise, my love, my beautiful companion, and run with me to the higher place. For now is the time to arise and come away with me. 

A Prophetic Nugget from “Daily Downloads from Heaven” by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Bear Fruit.”

Galatians 5:22-23 (AMP) But the fruit of the Spirit [the result of His presence within us]…

Beloved, dwell with Me. Let My Spirit do its work in you. A plant without water will not flourish, it will die. Allow the water of My Spirit to refresh and bring forth life in and through you. If you abide with Me, you cannot help but bear fruit. And that fruit will be abundant and visible to all, it will be sweet, and it will teach others of Me without you saying a word. You will simply reflect Me and My character.

Stay in My presence. Choose to hover there. In these periods of gestation, I AM growing beautiful things in you. Let them come to full term, let them mature. Take your time with Me. There are blessings that only come in My presence and I desire those for you greatly. Come be with Me and see what comes forth as a result.

John 15:4 (AMP) Remain in Me, and I [will remain] in you. Just as no branch can bear fruit by itself without remaining in the vine, neither can you [bear fruit, producing evidence of your faith] unless you remain in Me.

Another Prophetic Nugget from “Daily Downloads from Heaven” by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “Be Fruitful and Multiply.

Isaiah 53:2 (NLT) My servant grew up in the Lord’s presence like a tender green shoot, like a root in dry ground. There was nothing beautiful or majestic about his appearance, nothing to attract us to him.

Beloved, like My Son, grow in My presence. Like a tender shoot, I will protect you from the elements and nurture you to your full potential. For I see you even now as a grown tree – full and lush, bearing much fruit – the capacity for life within you is great, be mindful to cultivate that growth, to nourish it with My word, water it with My Spirit, and fortify it with My presence.

For the life within you is greater than just yourself. Allow it to multiply and bring forth increase. Be fruitful and multiply. Refuse to allow yourself to become dry and withered. Find the time – indeed make the time – do whatever it takes to carry what I AM bringing forth through you to full term. Behold I AM doing a new thing, will you not know it? [Sensing Him smiling as He asks because He already knows you will say yes – a thousand times yes]

{hearing} Beloved, will you choose to focus on the weeds or the life that is springing forth with your garden? When you focus on the weeds, you will miss the overwhelming beauty surrounding you.

A Word called “See the Harvest” from Elisa Eaton of Waiting in the Wings is connected to this.

Matthew 13:8 (TPT) But other seeds fell on good, rich soil that kept producing a good harvest. Some yielded thirty, some sixty, and some even one hundred times as much as he planted!

Beloved, can you see the harvest? Can you see the fruit that has come forth in your life as you have believed My Word? Each day, you are becoming more conformed to My image as you believe what I have spoken over you. My Word is life, and you have readily received it into your heart. It has taken hold of your mind, and each day it transforms your thoughts so that they come to mirror My own. In this, I am well-pleased.

Some days, from your vantage point, it may seem as if your personal growth is very slow. However, resist the temptation to focus on what you feel is lacking within you. If you focus on what you feel you lack, you will fail to see the abundant harvest of fruit you are bearing. I see you and know you well, beloved. Those elements of your growth you yearn for and the personal promises I have spoken over you will spring up in their appointed time and season. I patiently nurture My Word in your life, and I take great pleasure watching every stage of your growth. Follow My lead by trying to do the same. 

Resist the urge to give in to the fear of falling short which causes you to strive to make your potential come forth. Celebrate where you are today. All I ask you to do is to remain faithful by patiently tending the garden of your heart. Continue to press into My Word to learn more about who I Am and about who you are in Me. Indeed, I have released the blessing over your life. I Am faithful, and I will cause a multiplication of fruit to come forth in its due season. Trust in My timing, and remain in agreement with My words of blessing. Fill your heart with thanksgiving for today’s harvest and watch as contentment and joy overflow in your heart.

2 Corinthians 3:18 (NIV) And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV) To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…

Another Prophetic Nugget from “Daily Downloads from Heaven” by Meghan Williams is connected to this. It’s called “See Things Differently.

Psalm 86:6 (TPT) God, won’t you pay attention to this urgent cry? Lord, bend down to listen to my prayer.

Beloved, in the moments that all seem lost or that it feels like chaos surrounds you, pause to see things differently. You know that I love you – that I’m steadfast and true, that I will never leave you. You know that I’m able, and that I move on your behalf, so look again at what is around you.

What you see as hardship may be an opportunity for growth. That cruelty from someone may be an opportunity to extend grace and forgiveness. Resist the urge to assume the worst, and instead consider you may be missing something. So look again, beloved, and rest in My love. For I AM faithful, and you are dearly loved.

A Gemstone Reflection entitled “A Time of Water and Fruit” by Naudia Willbroad is connected to this.

Spring up oh well! Tap into the store house, the reservoir that never runs dry. It is there. Remove the mindsets that say it’s too hard, that it’s impossible to attain. It is in front of you. Each step brings you closer to the well. Each step removes the constrictions, the mindsets, the perceptions, the fears that keep you blinded to the well of living water that never runs dry. It is there for the taking. Remove the blindfold, remove the blindfold, REMOVE THE BLINDFOLD. (Firm tone)

Bring in the harvest. Bring in the fruit. There is an abundance. Taste and SEE the Lord is good. He brings the rain. He brings the harvest. He brings all that is needed. Do not worry about lack. He fills all needs. See the fruit. Do not over look the bounty that comes from simple means. Bless the fruit and see the full harvest.

A post by Meghan Williams from is connected to this. It’s called “Celebrate Each Breakthrough.

Sometimes breakthrough happens quickly – an immediate shift or change, but other times it happens more slowly – incremental breakthroughs culminating in big long term change. Both are powerful, and simply because as humans we prefer the immediate gratification of the one, doesn’t mean we should discount the lasting impact of the other.

When an infant is learning to walk, each step becomes a breakthrough. Each part of the process is a vital progression towards a greater goal. And we remember to cheer on the children, celebrating each victory along the way, and yet we stop celebrating our own victories as we get older simply because we don’t view them as a significant enough breakthrough to acknowledge and be grateful for.

A principle I share regularly is that what you focus on, you make room for. So consider this possibility, if you are constantly focusing on your shortcomings and the areas that you haven’t made the progress (had the breakthrough) you’re looking for, are you in fact making room for more disappointments? Conversely, if you are focusing on your gratitude for each success, are you making room for more successes?

In my post Wholeness: the Key is Gratitude (Luke 17:11-19), we talk about the fact that gratitude makes room for increase. What a wonderful reminder to be intentional with our focus! So rejoice in every breakthrough, whether great or small. Give glory to the God who brings the breakthrough and give Him praise. 

1 Corinthians 15:57 (TPT) But we thank God for giving us the victory as conquerors through our Lord Jesus, the Anointed One.

The name of the silk hidden in this image is Lush Growth (Flourisher). The colors in it are electric blue representing prophetic revelation, chartreuse representing flourishing, plum representing intimacy, and turquoise representing healing waters. 

Father, may we see the growth, may we focus on the progress, and may we celebrate each breakthrough. Help us to be gentle with ourselves and not beat ourselves up for not meeting unrealistic self-imposed expectations, but rather may we yield to You and Your plans. May we bear fruit and do so abundantly, and may it be good.