To ensure clarity on our use of terms the following explains a bit about the items available on our site.  To see short videos for our products, visit the What is…? tag on our blog 🙂

  • Printcard – (only available for images released in the gallery) a high quality, frameable print that has the image on the front side and the prophetic meaning on the backside (see sample pictures to right)
  • Photo – photographic print (the highest quality reproduction we offer), which comes with a 5×7 frameable version of the prophetic word
  • Card Set – 6 high-quality, frameable 5×7″ folded cards with the image on the front, name of image and scripture on inside flap, blank side for writing and Dyed4you Art logo on back (see sample pictures to right)
  • Notecard Set (prophetic choice only) – 3 high-quality, 4×5.5″ folded cards with image on front and Dyed4you Art logo on the back. This is a special order item.
  • Scarf – any scarves available on this site follow the same level of excellence as on the main Dyed4you site. All scarves are custom made and dyed at the time an order is placed (please allow 2-4 weeks for creation). Each is unique, and therefore it’s not possible to duplicate any scarf exactly. Also please note, these “coordinating” scarves may be replicas of the ones shown in the image or one that is thematically connected (e.g. Though “Gelah Raz” is the scarf in the Mysteries of God art, “Deep Mysteries” is a scarf that is also a possible “coordinating” scarf. We will be led of the Lord when deciding what to send. Information on the scarves can be found on the Dyed4you website.

Shipping: We will ship your order as quickly as possible and may ship directly from our printer. Art and scarves are custom-made and may require as much as 2-4 weeks for creation. Contact us for any time constraints to see if we can accommodate you.