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The Breaking

TheBreaking_SMThe Breaking depicts our resistance to the “breaking” from our Lord who is reining us in.

“Do not now be stiff-necked as your fathers were, but yield yourselves to the Lord and come to his sanctuary, which he has consecrated forever, and serve the Lord your God…” 2 Chronicles 30:8 ESV

We constantly fight yielding to the Father, convinced we are better able to take care of our own needs. And yet, like with the horse, a good master desires to shelter and nurture us; provide food (even in lean times); and gently keep us within the boundaries that are best for us.

A good master “breaks” a horse by earning trust. The breaking process isn’t painful to anything but our own sense of control which must be yielded to receive the blessings the Master has in store for us. We must choose: rebel or yield.

The silk in this image is called Yielded. The colors in it are plum blossom representing intimacy, light turquoise representing healing and life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit, chartreuse green representing flourishing, midnight sea for cleansing, and white for pearl of great price.

Father help us to choose wisely, to choose You. May we realize that though we may feel like we do “ok” on our own, we would flourish in Your tender care. Have Your way.


  1. Very timely word for this time and season, the counting of the omer. Love the picture and the words!

  2. I agree what a timely word!! Awesome beautiful and powerful!!

  3. absolutely stunning!

  4. This is stunning!!! I love the revelation that the breaking isn’t painful to anything but yielding our control in order to receive the Masters blessings that are in store for us is what’s at stake. I’m in a season of surrender….. So this speaks volumes to me.

  5. Beautiful image, and incredibly powerful & timely word. Thank you, Meghan!!!

  6. What a moving depiction of the Word. This describes so well what I have been feeling and
    going through. Thank you.

  7. We shared this with you all on FB on 20 June 2016 and here’s what you got from this image:

    When I first saw this I thot, fear not the dark horse, for I send the dark horse. Then I saw the emerald Whirlwind as his harness. So from the throne of God opposite forces meet. Then I looked up the dark horse in Rev. And it cannot touch the oil of the Lord nor the wine of the Lord, but it has something to do with the balancing of the wheat and barley and their worth, hence the wheat fields in the background. The fence is so small that it seems the horse would not consider it to be a boundary, but the Lord constrains it.

    Rein in

    Renewed strength….loving all the horse art! ????????

    God’s caring restraint

    The horse seems wild. And the emerald light seems to be embracing the horse to calm it down. So I agree that it’s God’s calming restraint..



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