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The Lord’s Presence in an Ice Storm

Since this was my first official Dyed4you Art story (since we launched the end of November 2009), it was a particularly exciting one for me 🙂

Thank you sooo much for the beautiful scarves! I know my family members will love them. I wanted to tell you that we have been in an ice storm where we have not had electricity or heat or light for Christmas and through even tonight. So when we got your package, we opened it by candlelight and flashlight all bundled up in our sweaters and coats and sleeping bags. We marveled at the beauty of the scarves, and then I opened your box with your exquisite prophetic art pictures.

Beloved3pk2As I read the back of each of them and showed them to my husband, we began to feel the sweet presence of the Lord. We put the cards away, put on harp and bowl worship music from International House of Prayer on my husband’s ipod (it has 30 hours of battery) and worshipped the Lord. It was so wonderful to experience His presence even in our cold dark room where He made it a place of sweet intimacy with Him!

His anointing is upon your prophetic artwork and I know it will bless many people who purchase it. I plan to get some of the scarves you used in your artwork to dance with in the future. – April


  1. That is a beautiful one. I can see how it was a special launch to your new ministry. It’s great when God confirms what we already know but need reminded of anyway. LOL God is good.

  2. I remember reading this story and thought it was just beautiful. He never leaves us, HE is ALWAYS with us.

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