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Introducing: Yielded Vessel

This week’s release is one near and dear to my heart because it is based on the mission of Dyed4you Ministries. I’d been talking with our ministry team one week and Papa put it on my heart to have us pray through the mission He’s given us for the ministry, and as we prayed He started downloading an idea for a Dyed4you Art piece to pick up a similar theme to the graphic we’ve used to depict the structure He’s given us. The art piece is called Yielded Vessel and we hope the art and its word bless you!  You can also see the print proudly displayed on my wall as an ongoing reminder of the focus Papa has downloaded. 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: Honored

Excited to introduce our newest release: Honored. This piece was originally inspired as I sat in church watching an elder (I mean that literally, not as a title). I was pondering how beautiful it was that he was given such beautiful honor and respect from my pastor (as well as the congregation as a whole), often being given the platform to share thoughts – never being rushed – his wisdom always appreciated. I felt moved to create a piece of art both specifically to capture that feel as well as to be a specific blessing to him. And he was blessed! This piece has been gifted several times now since it’s creation and each time it’s been such a blessing. People have been moved, encouraged, humbled, and completely blown away. I pray the art and its word bless you too! Continue reading

Introducing: Beacon of Hope

Exciting to be able to introduce you to a new lighthouse piece called Beacon of Hope. This piece came was inspired by a post a prophetic friend of mine shared on Facebook of a couple lighthouse images (below) that resulted in extensive dialogue between several of us about what Papa was saying through them. I pray you are as blessed by Beacon of Hope as we were in birthing it and that the word ministers to you deeply. Continue reading

Introducing: Angels Take Flight

Excited to introduce this new addition to our Angel series called Angels Take Flight.  Though Paniym was the first Dyed4you Art piece released with me in it, this was the first created with me visible, so it has special meaning for me personally.  Additionally, this mismatched pair of large spin wings includes my favorite (which is saying a lot since I have a LOT of flags): Confident FaithContinue reading

Book Covers & Introducing: Heart for Ayiti

These pieces were inspired from a conversation with my dear friend Gloria Board, author of the book series Learn Haitian Creole. I have had a heart for Haiti for years with a husband who has gone on several missions trips there as well as a close friend being from there – it really isn’t surprising. 🙂 Additionally, Dyed4you Ministries has a Ayiti (Mountainous Land) silk (used in the Heart for Ayiti art) that was inspired by the colors in the Haitian flag. We pray both the art, its word, and the silk are a blessing to you and encourage you to look at Gloria’s book if you are interested in learning Creole. We do have all our Haiti-inspired pieces available in our Dyed4you Readymade store 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: Drawing from the Source

Excited to officially release Drawing from the Source, an image that is one near and dear to my heart because it was created based off of a vision my pastor shared during one of the first weeks at my (then) new church home. (The silk is also one I own personally and love: Joy of the Anointing). This image hangs behind my pastor’s desk and is displayed in his wife’s office as well (see below). I pray the art and its word bless you too!  Continue reading

Introducing: A Place to Tarry

The inspiration for this image, A Place to Tarry, came as I was using the silk that ended up in the image (Place of Closeness). As I was worshipping with the wing, it was as though God opened this lush place around me – I could almost smell the fragrances and feel the warm breeze – it was amazing. This art was intended to capture the feel and the heart behind what He showed me. I hope it blesses you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Joy Comes in the Morning

This piece was finished just a few minutes ago. God impressed on my heart that many needed the reminder of this promise and that I should release it right away, so here is Joy Comes in the Morning. This image was originally inspired by an image one of my Dyed4you team members shared on Facebook (see below). I began tinkering with a new piece during a call with a dear friend from the Dyed4you community (we frequently do calls and pray and I’ll create while we talk), but it wasn’t coming together… I discovered later it was because the silk hadn’t been created yet. 🙂  Continue reading

Introducing: Song of the Redeemed

Song of the Redeemed

This piece called Song of the Redeemed was inspired by a fabulous shoot I did of a dear friend (sample pic below). She’s a gifted musician and it was awesome getting to create (shoot) as she played. I have no doubt there will be at least one more from this series that will end up in an art piece! As a note, the Dyed4you Art community on FB helped birth the word for this piece – it’s such a joy collaborating prophetically. I hope the art and its word bless you 🙂  Continue reading

Introducing: Closed Doors

closeddoorsClosed Doors is our newest release. It was inspired by an art piece by someone else (see below). This piece was shared with me by one of you, it was being given as a gift to their son-in-law. When Closed Doors was completed, it was a word for him as well and it blessed him very much – they said it was perfect! It’s always interesting to me how He will give us different downloads from specific imagery (like a closed door), but with overlapping elements (like the water). I pray the art and its word bless you as well 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: New Season

newseasonTo kick off the new year, we’re introducing New Season! This piece has already blessed many on our Facebook page, it’s definitely a crowd fav. It actually was inspired by an image (see below) I saw while on my Instagram from a photographer I follow. It always amazes me what Papa will use to trigger an idea and then begin to bring it forth. I pray the new piece and its word bless you!  Continue reading

Introducing: In Every Season

InEverySeasonIn Every Season is another image that began as an inspy pic to share on our Facebook page (below). As this image was fleshed out with the woodgrain edges in the final image (representing solidity, strength, and steadfastness), the scripture from Ecclesiastes 3 kept hovering in my mind. I kept pondering how easy it is to love God in the beautiful, easy seasons and how challenging it is to cling to Him in the dark and barren ones. Yet we’re called to remain steadfast. We hope this piece (the second image in our Inspirational series) serves as a beautiful reminder of that. Continue reading

Introducing: In the Storm

InTheStormOur newest release is one we first created as an inspy image to share on Facebook (see below). It’s one that blessed so many people we thought folks might like to be able to order prints of it, so we tweaked it as lead by the Father and birthed the word to go along with it. It is the first of our Inspirational series as well as being part of our Storm and No Fear series. We pray it blesses you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Light in the Storm

LightInTheStormIn the middle of a messy (stormy) season, I came across the base stock photo (below) I used for this image and it really hit home. The idea of His light shining – piercing all the darkness – and the fact that we need to keep our eyes fixed on it even as the waves feel like they’ll overtake us. He is our Light in the Storm. He is our fortress, our protection. We hide under His wings. All these pieces just came together in this piece, which is an expansion of the original image.  Continue reading

Introducing: Father’s Song

Fathers SongThe inspiration for Father’s Song came from two places: first from its name (which came from someone in the Dyed4you Art community), and the second from another art piece someone shared online (see below – wish I knew who the artist was!). The name (Father’s Song) had been percolating in my spirit for a month or so when I first saw the art piece and immediately began seeing a similar piece, but with a Dyed4you Art flair. Continue reading

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