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Introducing: Honored

Excited to introduce our newest release: Honored. This piece was originally inspired as I sat in church watching an elder (I mean that literally, not as a title). I was pondering how beautiful it was that he was given such beautiful honor and respect from my pastor (as well as the congregation as a whole), often being given the platform to share thoughts – never being rushed – his wisdom always appreciated. I felt moved to create a piece of art both specifically to capture that feel as well as to be a specific blessing to him. And he was blessed! This piece has been gifted several times now since it’s creation and each time it’s been such a blessing. People have been moved, encouraged, humbled, and completely blown away. I pray the art and its word bless you too! Continue reading

Introducing: Flaming Sword

Thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our Angel series called Flaming Sword. This piece was originally created as a Prophetic Portrait that was given as a gift to Larisa of Dyed4you. She was overwhelmingly blessed by it. It was inspired by a joint vision Father gave as we were praying together. The word that came forth to go with the art both blessed her and brought confirmation – hopefully at some point she’ll share her longer testimony, but in the meantime her immediate response is shared below as well as the link to read the full word, which we pray will bless you too! Continue reading

Introducing: Fiery Extravagant Love

I confess I feel a connection to this piece that I never have before – it’s because I’m in it. You can’t see me anymore because I’m layered behind the angel and the lion, but in the final image you can still see the tip of the Flaming Throne of God flag I was holding (see below). The name of the piece is Fiery Extravagant LoveContinue reading

Blessed by a Card

I often will include a Dyed4you Art card with a note when I ship an order (not always, but as the Lord leads). I always ask Him which card to include when I feel led to do it and typically the card is never mentioned again. I just do it because I feel like He’s told me to. ūüôā Testimonies like this make it so worthwhile! Continue reading

Introducing: Place of Rest

placeofrestThis week’s release is called Place of Rest. This image was birthed during a prayer call (I have regular calls with one of the ministries intercessors and I create as we pray). It was neat to see it come forth because it’s a little different than other works I’ve created in that some things that thematically connect have been placed into the image like the lavender (which has a calming effect) and the feather (which typically stuffs a pillow). I had to smile at the connections He was drawing through them.¬† Continue reading

Introducing: The Seer & Prophetic Light

propheticpairThis week we’re introducing an image pair with a prophetic theme: The Seer (Ra’ah) and Prophetic Light. Both these images have our Prophetic Flow silk in them. The¬†Prophetic Light¬†image was inspired by¬†PropheticLight.org, which is an awesome prophetic ministry that has been a big blessing to me personally as well as Dyed4you Ministries as a whole (since¬†PropheticLight.org‘s words have ended up being quoted in a variety of art pieces and silks). We created the¬†Prophetic Light¬†image as a gift for June Reinke (the heart behind the ministry) along with a silk and she was very blessed by the gifts. Love how Papa God knows just how and when to touch each of us. We pray both these pieces and their words are a blessing to you!¬† Continue reading

Introducing: Closed Doors

closeddoorsClosed Doors is our newest release. It was inspired by an art piece by someone else (see below). This piece was shared with me by one of you, it was being given as a gift to their son-in-law. When Closed Doors was completed, it was a word for him as well and it blessed him very much – they said it was perfect! It’s always interesting to me how He will give us different downloads from specific imagery (like a closed door), but with overlapping elements (like the water). I pray the art and its word bless you as well ūüôā Continue reading

Introducing: Not Defeated

notdefeatedFun story around our newest release’s creation! Not Defeated was created one evening, and I confess I was a bit surprised because it’s what I think of as “man art” and typically that’s not my style – LOL – but I liked it and had a strong sense of the word. The next morning I documented the outline of the word and a little bit later someone called wanted to order art as a gift for a man and immediately I knew this piece had been created in advance for just this purpose! The word was given and was such an encouragement. Friends confirmed it was right on. God is so awesome ūüôā Continue reading

Interconnected Art

img_2052I find it so cool when we get to collaborate prophetically. As we operate in the flow, He moves through each of us and allows the various threads to interconnect and frankly I just find that beautiful!

This is written by a friend who is part of the Dyed4you Art community. She¬†shares about her experiences with our Clothed with Power from on High piece, and an art¬†piece she¬†created that was inspired from it. This¬†was originally a post from a forum in the Quickened Word¬†(You’ll have to sign up to be able to access this post directly), which she tweaked specifically for us. ¬†I hope you’re as blessed by it as I was! Continue reading

Reclaiming the Night

Night Revelation on displayRecently someone received a 16×20 of Night Revelation as a prophetic choice Dyed4you Art piece. As it happens, this recipient has been plagued by night terrors for several years – you can imagine how frustrating and tiring it would be to have your sleep (not to mention your peace) constantly being stolen from you. So when Father picked Night Revelation, which includes in its word a declaration that Father is redeeming the time spent in sleep, and it specificalling includes that¬†He’s ending night terrors – well, the recipient was blown away and weeping at God’s goodness!¬† Continue reading

Bridal Art on Display 

img_2568.jpgLove this display of bridal art with James Nesbit’s Awaiting the King and Dyed4you Art’s Raining His Love. I enjoy seeing art by many prophetic artists and love even more seeing those images displayed together. James – having been key in launching Dyed4you Art (more about that on our About Us page) – always has a tender place in my heart.  Continue reading

New Art on Display

Munoz and Rylander art on displayI love getting the opportunity to be blessed by other prophetic artists’ ministries by hanging other artists’ work, and I just added four new pieces to my walls. The new ones are by Dolores DeVelde, Amy Rylander, and David Munoz. Other artists I have around the house include James Nesbit, Codye Reystead of Studio 2911, Laura Eubanks of Labor of Love ART, Alison Louise, Ronda Golden of Golden Impressions, Margie Puckett… and that doesn’t even touch my silk art! Which prophetic artists do YOU enjoy? Continue reading

Double Blessing

KingOfGlory_FBWe receive beautiful feed back on the art so often, and I apologize I don’t do better of sharing some of those testimonies with you all! This is one we got recently when a woman selected a giftset with a large silk for her friend and had us add an extra small silk for her too. When we went to ship Abba nudged us to send a printcard along to go with her silk as well. Here’s the feedback she shared: Continue reading

Commissioned Art Blessing

Immovable_FBAlways fun to get good feedback!¬† This quick testimonial came from someone who commissioned a custom piece of art.¬† It’s name ended up being Immovable. Here’s what she shared: Continue reading

Depiction of Father’s Words

A couple months ago someone asked me to prayerfully consider creating a piece of artwork for a conference called the Gathering of the Eagles. I’d been seeking the Father for the vision for the artwork for a month (and frankly was beginning to wonder if He was going to give me one) when I was called to pray over my pastor before service with another prayer warrior. Continue reading

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