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Introducing: Seven Spirits of God: Flow in the Spirit

Very excited to introduce this week’s release Seven Spirits of God: Flow in the Spirit. Birthing this piece and the silks associated with it was truly a labor of love, but oh what sweet fruit from it already! One testimony is already on our Dyed4you blog, it’s called Mighty Confirmation. We’ll be sharing about this art / silk tomorrow during our Lunchtime Live on our Dyed4you Ministries FB page.  We hope this piece and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Eyes Fixed

Periodically, Papa has us revisit one of our existing pieces and He gives us new insight and sometimes a new direction for it. This week’s release is one such example. Eyes Fixed is a derivative piece of our Strong in the Lord piece, which was released nearly a decade ago. Each piece has a distinctive message, but both along a spiritual warfare theme. We hope you are blessed by this new piece and its word as well as the original! Continue reading

Introducing: Anointed for War: Knight Light

Excited to introduce our newest release which is part of our Warrior series. It’s called Anointed for War: Knight Light. If this piece feels somewhat familiar, it’s because it is a derivative piece from our Refuse To Be Moved image. This piece came forth from a vision, but it connected with the visual from Refuse To Be Moved, thus bringing forth Knight Light (which yes, we laughed at God’s pun on that one too). We hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Firm Foundation

So excited to introduce this week’s release (which was actually created just this past week). It is called Firm Foundation. For those of you who follow our Dyed4you Art Facebook page, you know we post one of our pieces everyday for discussion. On a day I’d shared our Honored piece, someone felt the image was saying, “The Word has been since the establishing of the earth and will remain beyond the breaking of its foundations.” Though that wasn’t the meaning Papa had given us for that piece (and we know that He will often speak different things to others which is great), I immediately knew He wanted a piece with that meaning created. Continue reading

Introducing: Sound of Victory

This week we’re releasing the newest in our Inspirational series, a piece that’s been in the works for a while and is connected to the pieces in our Warrior Bride series, this piece is called Sound of Victory. Love the encouragement this art piece and its word are! Hope you’re blessed by it too 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: Morning Dance

This week’s release is the newest in our Desert Praise series. It has been in the works now for nearly a year – with much travail and pressing in (much like the persistence needed to worship through trials as the word for this piece encourages), and then suddenly today Papa God said it was time to release it. Trusting the art, called Morning Dance, and its word will be a blessing! Continue reading

Introducing: Come to the River

This week’s release is another Dyed4you Art piece that originated as a Prophetic “Portrait” and is now being released to our gallery. This beauty reminds us to spend time refreshing with Abba while being saturated by His Spirit: Come to the River. See a magnet of this piece on display below. We pray you are blessed by the art and its wordContinue reading

Introducing: Hope and a Future

Excited to introduce this new piece of Scripture Art called Hope and a Future. I had begun seeing a new Dyed4you Art image with a pregnant belly. Prompted by an upcoming baby shower for my goddaughter and inspired by a long-time friend and artist Laura, I was immediately reminded of her piece called Surely I Was Always (below). That feel kept stirring unto Hope and a Future came forth (I share the timelapse of its creation below). I hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Altar of Praise

For those who enjoy seeing the Dyed4you Art pieces that feature various instruments, we’re excited to introduce the newest one which features an instrument that somehow hadn’t made it into a previous piece – the guitar! This beautiful new addition to the Worship Warfare series is called Altar of Praise. It is a derivative art piece to a custom piece we did a while back as a gift for an anointed, longtime worship leader, Kent Henry (whose hands still show in this image), of Carriage House Ministries (if you watch my flagging videos you’ve likely heard him or one of his kids who are grown and anointed worship leaders in their own right). We pray that this piece and its word bless (and challenge) you. Continue reading

Introducing: Bondage Breaker (and Bondage Breaker: the Shield)

Very excited to introduce this week’s release (and not just because it features my hubby), a multiart set called Bondage Breaker including last week’s release, Bondage Breaker: the Sword, and a piece we are releasing this week called Bondage Breaker: the Shield.  If you follow our Prophetic Nuggets on Dyed4you Ministries, you heard the story of the creation of Bondage Breaker: the Shield in our post YHVH Tsur (the Lord my Strength). It is a beautiful story of patience, persistence, obeying the leading of Holy Spirit, and taking each step as it comes. I hope you are blessed by both these pieces and the words and story that goes with them!  Continue reading

Introducing: Bondage Breaker: the Sword

A while back we created a chain-breaking  commissioned proprietary art piece as branding for a ministry (Free Soul). Many have been blessed by the message behind the imagery, but because it’s proprietary, we’re able to share it for viewing but not sell it, which has brought some disappointment. I’d considered making another chain-breaking piece several times over the years, but never felt the nudge from Papa to do so. Continue reading

Introducing: Anointed Songbird [and the time-lapse of its creation]

This week’s release, Anointed Songbird, is one that I was inspired to create as I listened to worship leader Jenny Weaver. I knew my dear friend Emily (who you’ll find in a number of Dyed4you Art pieces) was going to be the subject in the piece because she is an anointed songbird as well. Love this piece and its word – I pray it blesses you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Sun of Righteousness

This week’s release was one of our first Prophetic “Portraits” – it is called Sun of Righteousness,  and it is part of of “painted” series.  The original recipient shared, “…the silk and portrait spoke to what God and I have been dialoguing…I love that the name of the silk is Life Giver and that it’s Sun of Righteousness. He’s not disappointed in me!” I hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Vibrantly Designed

This week’s release, Vibrantly Designed was inspired by the Lion Bites word quoted in it (like our Prophetic Nuggets, Lion Bites can be emailed to you each day).  This art piece speaks to our identity and walking in the fullness of who we were created to be. I pray the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Entrusted Steward

This week’s release was inspired by a vision God gave me for my pastor. I was encouraging him, sharing an external view of how he conducts the flow of the spirit in his congregation, and God gave me this picture. It was so vivid I couldn’t help but want to create it! Thus was birthed Entrusted Steward.

As the word came forth, we realized it encompassed even more – touching on not just the stewarding of the flow within a body of believers, but also on a smaller scale within ourselves and on a bigger scale within the Body of Christ. I hope this art and its word bless and encourage you!

Read the full word for Entrusted Steward

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