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Quiet Tears (Introducing: Make a Sound)

The image we’re releasing today is actually the first of our Prophetic “Portraits” to be officially released, and we’re getting to release it with a testimony from its original recipient. 🙂 We love getting to hear testimonies on all our art but especially from our Prophetic “Portraits”! This one had the image size increased to an 11×14 and it arrived with a small silk added. It’s name is Make a Sound. It’s awesome how Papa God uses the same words to bless and minister to each of us differently. Here’s what the wife of the recipient passed along to us with the picture of how he’d displayed his gift. Continue reading

Blessed by a Card

I often will include a Dyed4you Art card with a note when I ship an order (not always, but as the Lord leads). I always ask Him which card to include when I feel led to do it and typically the card is never mentioned again. I just do it because I feel like He’s told me to. 🙂 Testimonies like this make it so worthwhile! Continue reading

A Mistake?

Love this story and how it shows that even when we “think” there’s an oops, God is at work. There is grace in the process! She ordered an 8×10, but neglected to specify the image she wanted. She didn’t realize her mistake until this gift was opened… oops! But God had other plans. 🙂 Continue reading

River of Life Encounter

River of LifeThis is a beautiful testimony of how Father used a piece of Dyed4you Art (River of Life) to minister. This was received from someone who had been at a friend’s home that displayed a large mounted print of River of Life and how God brought it back to mind and used it to bring peace. Love this and hope you are blessed by it too! Continue reading

Interconnected Art

img_2052I find it so cool when we get to collaborate prophetically. As we operate in the flow, He moves through each of us and allows the various threads to interconnect and frankly I just find that beautiful!

This is written by a friend who is part of the Dyed4you Art community. She shares about her experiences with our Clothed with Power from on High piece, and an art piece she created that was inspired from it. This was originally a post from a forum in the Quickened Word (You’ll have to sign up to be able to access this post directly), which she tweaked specifically for us.  I hope you’re as blessed by it as I was! Continue reading

Reclaiming the Night

Night Revelation on displayRecently someone received a 16×20 of Night Revelation as a prophetic choice Dyed4you Art piece. As it happens, this recipient has been plagued by night terrors for several years – you can imagine how frustrating and tiring it would be to have your sleep (not to mention your peace) constantly being stolen from you. So when Father picked Night Revelation, which includes in its word a declaration that Father is redeeming the time spent in sleep, and it specificalling includes that He’s ending night terrors – well, the recipient was blown away and weeping at God’s goodness!  Continue reading

Encouraging Confirmation

lisa-bI love how Father works! In this art story, we get to hear about how He blessed the person who was used in the image with the image He birthed. He put it on my heart to give printcards of the 3 newest art pieces that used the same model (so far she’s in Make Haste, True Wisdom, Releasing All, and Winter has Passed). Below is the story of how He used Winter has Passed to confirm a word He’d given her – beautiful! Continue reading

Confirmation & a Touch from God

You all remember the recent 16×20 Giveaway, well when I went to ship the prophetic choice 16×20, Father told me to include an additional 5×7 photo (with the word of course) as well.  So I sent the 16×20 of Worship Warfare and a 5×7 of Rightful Place, below you’ll find the recipient’s art story 🙂

Just a reminder – our follow-up double giveaway is still going on! Continue reading

Reminder of Identity

Rarely do I post links to old stories on our Facebook page, but today when at the Father’s prompting I posted a link to another testimony about this art piece, He surfaced another story!  It was a blessing to me and I’m sure may be to some of you 🙂 Continue reading

Confirming God Encounter

In this story she shares about how blessed she was by the Dyed4you Art 20×30 sized poster she received of Dance with Me.  It’s also fun to note the 3 Dyed4you pillowcases on the bed, a scarf on the wall and a 5×7 printcard of Rightful Place – truly a Dyed4you room! Continue reading

Posters for the Prayer Room

Here’s a story from someone who was given a D4Yart Gift Certificate and ordered two posters, Come Away and had us do one prophetically, which was the then unreleased Uncharted. Love what she shared… Continue reading

Reminder to Stand in the Gap

Another story from someone who ordered a personal prophetic 8×10.  It’s so fun to hear these stories coming in much like the scarf stories on Dyed4you.

I am so in love with this piece. I think it’s a perfect representation of the beauty and strength of the power of God’s Word. I think a woman’s true beauty is exposed when she walks in the knowledge of who she is in Christ. Continue reading

Beautiful Confirmation

I’m enjoying reading the testimonies that are coming in from the artwork now that people can simply order a blank size and have me send whatever the Lord says.  With this image, I had created it and asked the Lord what I was to do with it… the order came in the next day 🙂

Omgosh… I got the picture yesterday and I was sooo surprised. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Continue reading

Birthing an Art Piece

I created this piece of art about six weeks ago and have been holding it waiting for the full word from the Lord.  I’d actually wondered if God would have me wait until the mother in this picture actually gave birth – and He did! Continue reading

God Touching Her Heart

A fun insight from a party where the Holy Spirit took over 🙂  You can read the whole story on the Dyed4you Blog and Asha shares her portion below:

I knew nothing about Dyed4you Art and was given a Dyed4you scarf and art at a Christmas party. It was an exchange gift from someone I didn’t even know. God used this woman to Bless my soul. Continue reading

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