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Introducing: Forever Bloom (& Comfort and Honor Testimony)

This week’s release is a poignant one because its a Prophetic “Portrait” that was created in honor of a celebration of life for a dear friend’s niece who passed on (it was displayed with its word and printcards were available for people to take with them). It’s name is Forever Bloom. We recently also shared another testimony about this piece from someone else who received a printcard – Beautiful Tallit and Confirming Art. We hope the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Quest for Wisdom

This week’s beautiful release was originally created to be used on the cover of Daily Downloads from Heaven (the daily devotional releasing May 22nd based on our Prophetic Nuggets – preorder are up for paperback/hardcover/kindle). And while we ended up using Place of Rest on the cover of volume one, we still wanted to release the Quest for Wisdom artwork because it’s so lovely – and who knows, perhaps it will grace a future volume. We hope the art and its word bless you!  Continue reading

Beautiful Tallit and Confirming Art

Beautiful testimony from the recipient of an oversized tassel tallit called Your Name and several Dyed4you Art pieces (a printcard of Forever Bloom, mini printcard of Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors, and magnet of Emboldened by the Sustaining Source). Continue reading

Introducing: Emboldened by the Sustaining Source

This week’s release, Emboldened by the Sustaining Source, is another Dyed4you Art release that began as a Prophetic “Portrait” . The recipient left a 5-star review on Etsy with the following comment, “I love the prophetic art and silk that I received! Absolutely beautiful!! The word aligns with others that I have received. Such a blessing. Thank you so much!” We hope the art and its word bless you too! Continue reading

Introducing: Currents of His Love [multi-art set]

This week we’re introducing the multi-art word for the two Currents of His Love pieces (that originated as Prophetic “Portraits”) we’ve released the last couple weeks (Introducing: Currents of His Love {Air} and Introducing: Currents of His Love {Water}). We pray that the art set and their word bless you!  Continue reading

Introducing: Currents of His Love {Water}

As we shared when we were Introducing: Currents of His Love {Air} last week, this week’s release – Currents of His Love {Water} – was created as a Prophetic “Portrait” and is part of an image pair with Currents of His Love {Air}. This is actually the second time Papa has had us include a surprise bonus Prophetic “Portrait” (Prophetic “Portrait” with a 2nd Surprise). Love how He loves to bless and surprise His children. We hope the art and its word bless you – stay tuned for the multi-art word next week.  Continue reading

Introducing: Currents of His Love {Air}

This week’s release, Currents of His Love {Air}, was created as part of a Prophetic “Portrait” pairing (the second part of the pair will release soon). It’s part of the Faith series and the Inspirational series. You will undoubtedly see more images to come of this anointed dancer friend from church (three more are created so far and many more amazing shots to pull from). We pray the art and its word bless you! Continue reading

Introducing: Joyful Noise

In honor of our Introducing Dyed4you Flutes, this week’s release is flute themed. It’s part of our Music of Heaven series and is called Joyful Noise. So excited about this piece and the new Dyed4you flutes. We hope you are blessed by the art and its word as well as these new instruments of praise! Continue reading

Introducing: Fathomless God

This week’s release, Fathomless God, is one we’ve been slowly birthing for months, which includes a pair of flags that quickly became favorites within the Dyed4you Community called Strength In Obedience. It’s part of our Revelation series and we hope it draws you in and inspires your pursuit of God. We pray the art and its word bless you. See it on display below. Continue reading

Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art feature: Altar of Praise

Altar of Praise is the fourth Dyed4you Art piece featured by Fire and Colour. They share it in a blog post called Altar of Praise by Meghan Williams. It’s been such a joy being connected to Fire and Colour and what God has them doing. I’ve been so blessed to find so many other anointed prophetic artists, and we hope you will be too. 🙂 Continue reading

God Overriding Our Plans

Testimonies are always fun, but I love that this one demonstrates something that I think most of us struggle with, when we make plans and then God messes with those plans. 🙂 Continue reading

Introducing: Holy is His Name

So excited for this newest Dyed4you Art release called Holy is His Name, and just to say, I’ve already ordered a 16×20 for my wall of it – LOL! I share more about my fascination with the names of God in the posts on my personal site Names of God and The Power of a Name (portions of which ended up integrated with this piece). I pray delving further into the names that reveal who God is brings you into greater intimacy with Him! Continue reading

Introducing: Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors

It’s always interesting to me how Papa inspires the different art pieces He downloads to me, and this one was inspired by an empty frame. 😆 In my last post I shared about the Annorah piece I’d added to my prophetic art collection, and the first frame I got for it turned out to be the wrong size! I got a new one but was left with a lovely frame and nothing to put in it (an artist’s joy). Anointed for War: Rallied Warriors is the piece Papa downloaded when I asked Him to fill the frame. This is the second “Anointed for War” piece (Anointed for War: Knight Light was the first). They have different feels to them visually, but I love both and hope you do too! Oh and BTW I share a picture of the filled frame below 😊  Continue reading

Fire and Colour Dyed4you Art Feature: The Seeker’s Keys

Our friends at Fire and Colour featured another Dyed4you Art piece last week: The Seeker’s Keys by Meghan Williams The full word for our The Seeker’s Keys piece on its gallery page. This is the third piece of Dyed4you Art they’ve shared and I have enjoyed finding new artists as well. I recently bought Annorah by Candice van der Westhuizen (see below by my Heir of Promise) after she featured it because I fell in love with the flagger (imagine that right? LOL)! See it on my wall below as well as Larisa’s poster of The Seeker’s Keys. 🙂

Continue reading

Introducing: Seek the Light

The inspiration for this week’s release, Seek the Light, was our Lunchtime Live a couple weeks back where I was struggling with some grief and depression. Depression has been an ongoing personal struggle (Radio Silence), but during the Lunchtime Live as I shared the rawness of my heart, I found many others were in the same place. Immediately, Papa put on my heart to create a Dyed4you Art piece on this topic and I created it later that same day. I hope the art and its word bless you!  Continue reading

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