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His Voice Thunders

HisVoiceThunders-printcardsThis is a commissioned art piece we created about a year and a half ago. The prophetic message was a collaborative effort with the commissioners, Blair Healing Rooms. The word they received about this piece was “God’s voice thunders” – that kicked off the creation. There were confirmations along the way and when the piece was completed it became a personal favorite! 

In addition to finding Blair Healing Rooms on their website, you can like their Facebook page as well. Below is the completed art piece based on Psalm 29:3 (AMP), “The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; the God of glory thunders; the Lord is upon many (great) waters.”



  1. That is an amazing illustration of His Voice. In my minds eye I have envisioned an illustration but I am challenged to get it from ‘my vision to canvas.’ I would like to share it with someone who might be able to interpret OR illustrate it onto canvas. I invite any inquiry or comment. Blessings, Carol

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Stunning!! Beautiful!!!

  3. Another extremely powerful piece, Meghan!

  4. OH my! How awesome and powerful!!!

  5. WOW, God Voice Thunders!

    Job 37:2-Hear Attentively the sound of His voice and the sound that goes out of His mouth. 3. He directs it under the whole heaven and His lightning to the ends of the earth. 4. After it a voice roars: He thunders with the sound of His excellency, and He will not hold them back when His voice is heard. 5. God thunders marvelously with His voice He does great things, which we cannot comprehend.

    Here is a song that the Lord gave me called of God of Thunder, Mighty Warrior!


  6. I am filled with the sence of awe as I gaze on this image of our powerful and majestic Yahweh! !
    Bless His holy name!!

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