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Introducing: Love Waits

Purity_FBI’m so pleased to introduce Love Waits – an image representing standing in purity as one waits for their earthy love. Birthing this image was so much fun because it was a collaborative effort with a wonderful woman who was giving printcards of the image away at a conference on purity.

I shared with her the scripture Father had given me for the piece (read the word for Love Waits) and asked her to pray and share anything she received – and boy did God bless me!  Here’s a portion of what she shared:

This morning I was meditating on the verse and looked up the word hidden, which comes from a root word that means to hedge about with thorns. At first, I envisioned this as a fairly passive process. I saw a farmer planting a row of bushes and waiting for them to grow together. Then I googled hedge laying. Wow, what an incredibly rigorous job. First, all of the underbrush must be removed and the bushes must be untangled from each other. Then you must axe the tree/bush but not completely through the trunk. This process is known as pleaching. About 20% or less is left attached as the tree is laid down, creating the hedge. The branches must then be woven together. New growth emanates from the pleached root as well as the branches, strengthening the hedge and making it even more dense. The hedge layer must be incredible strong, and comes away with bruises and cuts as badges of honor from the process of artistically and beautifully weaving the branches. Livestock are protected from escaping and predators are prevented from attacking. Not only does the hedge look beautiful, it can last for 25 to 200 years before needing any maintenance, depending on the type of tree/bush.

…Earlier the Lord prompted me to order prisms or polyannas….as a visual for how His light is beautifully reflected through the purity of their heart.

What she shared spoke to me on a couple of fronts. Firstly, I’d already been “seeing” a rainbow in the image, so her mention of the prism gave confirmation to me for that.  In the final image, the rainbow encircles representing being hedged in His promises.

Secondly, what she shared about the hedge blessed me more than I can say. Hosea 2:6 is a favorite verse (the verse behind one of my favorite Dyed4you Art images, Hedged In) so I LOVED that Father was connecting this piece to that scripture in my heart.  One of the things I love most about the idea of being hedged in by thorns is that it is God’s love protecting us from choosing poorly. I love that!

In the final Love Waits image, you’ll notice in the lower right corner is a hedge of thorns representing this concept of His protection by lovingly hindering the directions that we shouldn’t go.

Anyhow – that’s just some of the background on the prophetic process this piece went through.  I hope you’re blessed both by sharing in it and by the new image and its word!

Read the full word for Love Waits


  1. What a neat story! Thank you for sharing! What’s the image in the sky, in the background? (Top left) Is that the silk?

  2. This is beautiful and I love the story with it. Praise the Lord!

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