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Refuge depicts the time in the desert season where all has finally been surrendered and we simply rest in Him.

But let all who take refuge in You rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread Your protection over them, that those who love Your name may exult in You. For You bless the righteous, O Lord; You cover him with favor as with a shield. Psalm 5:11-12 ESV

Once our own strength has finally given out we drop completely surrendered into Father’s waiting arms and He carries us. His arms extending over and around us as Wings of Refuge, which is the name of the silk in the image. The colors in it are earthy red representing by His stripes we are healed, mahogany representing depth of the Father’s love, dark amber representing the Father’s heavenly care, soft gold representing blessings, and sand representing carried on His wings.

We see His footprints. We feel His arms. We can completely trust that we are safe.

I pray that you would surrender into His waiting arms and simply let Him carry and cover you.


  1. Oh boy well my phone ate my first comment, so here goes again! 🙂

    Meghan what beautiful and truly inspired work!

    It’s SO awesome. I can’t wait until I can buy this and add it to my wall. The series needs to be complete! Each one of these pictures in this series have spoken volumes into my life! The mere imagery of being wrapped in that gorgeous silk that represents His Mighty wings is overwhelming!

    In tears as I read the accompanying word!

    LOVE LOVE this picture!

    Blessings Meghan.

  2. overwhelmed!! such beauty and wisdom expressed visualy.

  3. I am seriously in tears here. This picture, word and silk minister so to my heart. As I looked at the picture, I felt breath. There is a true breath of life from this piece.

    Part of the prayer journey with GoZ to prepare for Passover has been to see and know what we are leaving behind. And there are several things I want to leave behind and not take into the new season. But when I looked at this picture I KNEW I wanted to leave behind the holding of my breath. I had not realized how much I hold my breath, physically but more mentally, in anticipation of something bad happening…like a form of dread and fear, but just below the surface. NO MORE. I will breathe with God, breathe in HIS breath and move forward with Him in boldness and confidence. I choose to wear the boots (like in the 2nd picture in the series) and move forward and not just passively wait to be attacked.
    And to praise, as shown in the first picture.

    Thank you Meghan….I can not even begin to describe the resolve I feel in my heart about this. The tears in my eyes may seem weak, but I know they are sealing in this moment and this resolve. I refuse to retreat. And I have learned to praise and worship in the desert.

    Also, I love the little heart cloud in the sky. That is so precious.

  4. Amen Tonia!
    I was also going to mention the little heart in the sky.
    I love it. It might look like a little thing but it adds to the picture and feel. It is one of those things you find that Yahweh gives you along the way… Especially in desert experiences when the little things mean so much!

  5. So sorry I missed the release of this! It’s a beautiful piece 🙂

  6. Wow!!!! I knew I liked this when I first saw the silk and now to read the story behind it….. Speaks to me on so many levels. I too am in tears. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  7. This might be the most profound piece of yours that I’ve seen.

  8. OHHHHH and revelation today in the prayer group. I saw this piece of art, Refuge, while I lady was giving a prophetic word. And I have new perspective on it just now! So the silk is representing our words sending the enemy to the dry places. So at this time, Father is sending my enemy to the desert by this angels acting on the words I speak. I hope that makes sense. Father used this art piece to locate me, heal me, and give me life and breathe to move forward in 2012. NOW that He has healed me, I am taking authority over the enemy to send him and shake him out into the dry place. And now I can even SEE the angelic at work on my behalf and in the art. WOW, how far the LORD has brought me and how HE has used you, Meghan, to bring me forward in just these few years. At that time, I thought I knew about refuge, but WOW have I learned so much more. I am not the same woman who posted in 2012, thank God! I am so grateful for you! Bless you dear one, you are precious to me and to HIM!

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