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River of Life

River of Life portrays the flow from the throne of God rushing down on us bringing healing and wholeness.

“For the Lamb Who is in the midst of the throne will be their Shepherd, and He will guide them to the springs of the waters of life; and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” Revelation 7:17

The river of God washes away all the shame and wounds of the past and brings new life and healing.  No stones in its path will hinder its flow and its persistent, endless stream smooths away the rough edges over time just as the Lord’s steadfast love works in our hearts and lives.

The silk encompassing the river is called River of Life. The colors in it are turquoise representing river of God, emerald green representing healing, white representing joy, and silver shimmer representing light of Christ. The verse that goes with it is from Revelation 22:1, “Then He showed me the river whose waters give life, sparkling like crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and of the Lamb…”

I pray that you stand directly in the flow of His river with your arms flung wide receiving all the Lord has for you, and that in that place all that is not of Him might be washed away.

[This silk is also used in Steadfast Love]


  1. Very beautiful and powerful. Love this one! 🙂

  2. We were just having a conversation about this. April made a prophetic banner for my ministry, Ez 47 of this. So I will be contacting you.

  3. I Want It! Must have it

    Love the colors with their meanings and […] I pray that you stand directly in the flow of His river with your arms flung wide receiving all the Lord has for you, and that in that place all that is not of Him might be washed away […] bless you for this prayer. Feel like that is where I have been since receiving my first D4Yart piece four days ago and want the River to keep flowing, flowing, flowing.

    Ordering 🙂

  4. I love this one… was meditating on the river of God today… and going deeper…

  5. I love all the items you’ve posted but this one has such a deep meaning for me, as a deliverance minister and intercessor this item is so rich and symbolic of the freedom we receive from our time in His presence and His Sacrifice, of course. The colors are absolutely right on and some of my very favorites. The scripture is also perfect for its depiction and what deep healing is taking place. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and talents…God has blessed you indeed and in turn for blessing His children.

  6. I love love love this picture! I had a dream that I was surrounded by crystal clear water immersed in it, but I wasnt scared. I was breathing and so at ease. I was feeling refreshed, comforted, and restored. I havent reflected on this dream for sometime but when I saw this picture I remembered it instantly. This has a very deep emotional hold on me. So no matter what comes at me………I can reflect back on this and feel reassured that I will be safe. So serpents I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!!!! I need to order this picture. I would like the 20×30 but it says that size is not available. I want to hang it over my fireplace in the living room so I can always have my eyes upon it……..You are such a wonderful talented Daughter of God Meghan. May He continue to Bless you as you continue His work.

  7. @Carrie – The 20×30 is very much available! The only one that isn’t available in that size is Stairway to Revelation. It only goes up to a 16×20. 

  8. Seriously stunning!!! Yes, weeping again. The Lord has been giving me dreams and visions of rivers lately. This also is speaking to me and so timely.This is on my “ask ” list for my 4oth birthday this year. I will be visiting this page often in conjunction with beholding his amazing love and goodness. Thank you, Meghan. Blessings upon blessings. xo

  9. This one of my absolute favorites! I have a banner of River of Life, a friend has a wing… I just love it… love it love it… this photo/art does an amazing job at depicting the mystery of His river and the beauty of His Name.

  10. I have actually had a vision seeing the river of God and I can say this scarf is right on! Absolutely stunning!

  11. All the comments feed my spirit…not to mention the joy and blessings derived from the annointed beauty.

    Thank you everyone. :-))

  12. I LOVE this! It is what God has been showing me in a vision and is calling us to ..”Come, and be washed in the Living waters where peace, like a river flows and makes glad the city of God! I want this one on my wall! 😉

  13. @Merri – That’s awesome! I think you’ll appreciate this display of it too 🙂 http://dyed4youart.com/feedback/2011/04/river-of-life-display/

  14. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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