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Sweet Love

Sweet Love depicts the warmth and safety we feel as we bask in the Lord’s love for us and receive the favor and affection He showers on His beloved (which is us).

“…Your love is sweeter than wine.” – Song of Solomon 1:2

Like the warmth of the sunshine being received by His beloved’s face, the Lord’s sweet love radiates through us as we face Him and allow it’s compassion to soften even the hardest, most wounded places in our heart.

The silk in this image is blended into the sky and the shimmering favor, which is raining down. The name of the silk is One in Whom the Lord Delights. The colors in it are white representing holiness and the bride of Christ, light blue representing open heaven, lavender representing intimacy, and earthy red representing apple of His eye.

I pray that you might know the fullness of His love for you and that the warmth of that love might leave a glow on your face (just as His presence did on the face of Moses) for all the world to see, so that He might be known by all.

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  1. This picture make me feel like a little girl:) I just Love my Sweet Jesus and the rose of sharons and my lil precious castle every princess deserves!! AWWW, I love Him

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